Justin Bieber Smoked on a Plane

Justin Bieber is without a doubt just wanting to do whatever he thinks will make him happy. Still, luckily for the star, the famous singer was recently cleared for smoking on a plane. 

Apparently, Bieber had been cleared for smoking marijuana on a private plane. It had been claimed that the young singer, along with his father Jeremy Bieber and their entourage wanted to smoke marijuana so much that they forced the pilots of the private plane to wear oxygen masks that would prevent them from inhaling the drugs. Otherwise, the drug would have compromised their ability to fly and would have put everyone at danger. 

Following the case, an investigation was conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration. Officials finally decided to close the case at the end of this investigation. What determined them to do so is something that remains unclear for now. Well, most likely Bieber will be treated with caution in airports or planes from now on, despite this decision. 

Reports also reveal that Bieber is willing to make order in his life. It has been revealed that the star wants to settle his driving under the influence case, too. Apparently, a plea bargain will be presented in court on July 7. Will Justin overcome this time his legal problems? Well, the young singer seems unable to stay away from problems, so it is about to see if this case will be closed, too. 

Sources revealed that Bieber has made up his mind and is now ready to plead guilty to reckless driving. The famous singer was arrested in January, as he was accused of drag racing through the streets in the early hours of the morning. Naturally, the star was not happy when the cops wanted to take him into custody. This added resisting arrest on the list of charges, which naturally also included driving without a valid licence. 

Reports reveal that the charges will be dropped in case Bieber pleads guilty. The star will also have to pay a fine and most probably he will be ordered at the same time to attend some anger management classes.

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  1. I know I’m a weed smoker and its not that big of a deal however its different for Justin because he’s famous so he has kids and teens who look up to him like my 7 year old daughter who is not a fan anymore because she says he turned bad which I’m sure he lost some of his fans due to his behavior. But I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same stuff when I was his age you live and learn and that’s all the kid is trying to do. Now he has people gunning for him. More money more problems. As they say after he’s done trying everything an acting stupid hell be back. Til then cut him a break he’s still just a kid with too much money.

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