Justin Bieber Says Selena Gomez is not Good Enough for Him

It seems that one of the reasons why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not getting back together is linked to the fact that Justin believes that the young singer is not good enough for him. It has been claimed that the reason why Justin made this comment was linked to the fact that Selena got cozy with Niall Horan. 

Justin made these comments during his concert at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball, in London. It all happened after Selena was spotted kissing another man. It seems that Justin was quite bothered by this fact. The reality is that Selena was seen kissing Niall Horan only a few days after it has been claimed that Justin was willing to get back together with his former girlfriend. 

Recently, the singer has been quite open about his feeling for Selena, sharing some photos of the beautiful star dating back to the time when they were still together, as well as claiming that he still had feelings for her. Justin and Selena were also seen together at a date night, when the young singer serenaded his former girlfriend. There is no wonder after all that everyone believed the two would reconcile. 

However, it seems that Selena is not yet ready for that. And Justin is surely not happy. After performing his new single “Love Yourself” during his latest concert, Justin talked to the crowd. “I gotta start bringing better girls home to my mom,” he said. Although he did not precisely name Selena, everyone seems to believe that he was talking about the young singer. 

Justin also posted on Instagram a throwback picture of him and Selena holding hands. It has been claimed that he shared this pic in response to the potential fling between Selena and the One Direction star. The two were seen kissing as they were attending the birthday party of Jenna Dewan, in Los Angeles. According to some insiders, Justin also reached out to Niall to ask him about the incident. The singer is reportedly hurt by the news, but it remains unknown why. Does Justin really want to get back together with Selena?

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