Justin Bieber says he’s never met Mariah Yeater, the mother of his supposed baby

Pop star Justin Bieber said on the Today show on Friday that he’s never met Mariah Yeater, the woman who claims to be the mother of his child. He adds that even if he is a target of many possible fake scenarios, he will never act like a victim.

Bieber fans were shocked when earlier this week a girl named Mariah Yeater claimed Justin is the father of her 3-months-old son. The girl who is now 20 years old, filed a lawsuit against Bieber, asking for alimony and for the singer to recognize the baby as his own. The report filed to the San Diego court included details about the time spent together. She says that the singer had sex with her on October 25, 2010 and that he had told her that was his first time. She also claims he did not want to use protection.

Since the news, Yeater has received several death threats from Bieber fans. “I could kill this b—-, really she messes with my baby!!! SHE IS SOOO DEAD”, tweeted BeccaLindsay. “Mariah Yeater blames Justin Bieber cause she’s pregnant. “Hoe. B—. Moneywh—. Slut. GO DIE B—-“, wrote another Bieber fan, Emma Grande.

Meanwhile, Justin was invited on the Today show to promote his new Holiday album. Matt Lauer, however, couldn’t help addressing the baby daddy rumors. Justin didn’t want to comment too much on the matter, but said he had never met Yeater. “Never met the woman”, he told Lauer.

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  1. seriously how many people literally think that this is possible, i don’t know what the mariah girl has to protect her side of the story but i am not particualrly a bieber fan but serioudly, do you think his crew would let him go backstage into a lockable bathroom with someone he has never met? seriously i am on Justin’s side becuase it wouldn’t een be healthy if he had IT with her. he’s not stupid.

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