Justin Bieber says he is not the father of Yeater’s child

Pop sensation Justin Bieber, who was recently sued by a young woman named Mariah Yeater for child support, says that he is not the father of the child. According to access Hollywood his representatives will do anything to demonstrate that the paternity claims are false.

Mariah Yeater is a mother of a three-months-old baby and to her claim, the first woman in Justin Bieber’s life. At 20 years old, Yeater claims that Bieber, 17, not only had his first sexual experience with her, but also got her pregnant.

A few days ago, Starz Uncut revealed the first photos of Yeater and an interview where she details the date with the music star. She said that they were attracted to each other instantly and he proposed to her to go somewhere more private. “I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time”.  Yeater wasn’t shy about giving specific details about what had happened between them and claims that is was Bieber who refused using protection.

Now, almost one year after, Yeater wants Bieber to recognize the baby and to provide child support. The lawsuit was filed in San Diego, California. The woman claims that she had sex with the singer on October 25, 2010 and that the “brief” intercourse took place in a bathroom.

Justin reps state that these are all inventions and lies meant to defame the singer. “It’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims”, said one of his reps, Matt Hiltzik, in a statement, and added that they will “pursue all available legal remedies” in order to defend Bieber against the untruthful allegations.

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  1. Call me crazy, but if a male did that to a 17 year old girl, wouldn’t he go to jail for having sex with a minor? So why isn’t this bitch put in jail until they found out otherwise?

  2. I mein, just look at her and you see from what social class she is. she probably just invented this whole story to get money from some magazines for interviews….

  3. THIS SADD……..Not really girls out there that love Justin dont stop because right here is a fake because i went to that concert FACT i had a pass and i did not see her this girl needs to suck it up and go find her real baby daddy bitch.

  4. Actually, according to California state law, if the age gap is not more than 3 years it is considered a misdemeanor. If she was 19 and he 16 like the article says, then she would get a slap on the wrist at most. I’m not saying that’s good or right, that’s just the way it is.

  5. this bitch needs to get a life and just stop making stuff up, why would she have sex with someone that age anyway slapper, beliebers dont stop beliebin because this girl is just a jealous fat bitch.

  6. i bet he wasn’t worried about her “social class” when they were “briefly” getting it on lol. but seriously what does that have to do with anything. why would she say it was his baby without being prepared for a paternity test? she’ll get a hellacious child support check. 🙂 go justin bieber’s baby mama!!!!

  7. this chick is oviously lyeing cuz y wuld a 16 year old just pick dat chick up n say hey lets go in the back and make some love and she was around 19 and was okay with it its definetlly a lie for money

  8. really? HA.
    honey he isn’t your baby daddy. save your breath.
    You realize if you don’t drop this you have a chance of getting charged with rape? glad you’re okay with that. he’s been dating Selena for what basically a year? and your saying he had sex with you a year ago? like uhm no. doubt that. If anyone would be preggo with Justin’s baby it would be Selena. and Selena isn’t a whore. I can’t wait til the paternity test is revealed to be negative. you’re only embarressing yourself. and on her FB page it says “i want justin to take care of my baby” like really? if he was the real baby daddy you woulda put his. gfto. – . –

  9. i seriously this is just a sick way for her to try and get money, but man i would seriously laugh my ass off if it turned out he WAS the father. ahhhhh that would be hilarious.

  10. im not a justin bieber fan, but this obviously a lie… i mean he has millions of fans and he decides to fuck the ugliest? ….. and he has this gorgeous and famous girlfriend and he is going to fuck a fan? get real

  11. I think she is just liein so she can get some money! Like forreal keep Justins name out ur mouth he has been with selena for abt a year now and he wouldnt do nothin like tht! even at 16 if this girl keeps up with tht she is gonna get charged for rape! Anyways no bieber fan should stop being his fan ovr this stuppid crap!!!!!

  12. Just get a DNA test! I realllllly dont care about this but my friend made me read it -_- I don’t think this is real and if it is… well, its not my biz!

  13. As much as i hate bieber, this woman is retarded. Of all people, why would he have sex with someone like that (no offense woman) because she’s not too pretty… Scientifically proven guys are usually attracted if by first sight than personality to girls that are prettier than that. second, he’s got millions of fans who love him. If anyone other than selena, he would pick up a fan instead of this woman. And third, he has Selena as a girlfriend. Why would he get with another girl if he has one who’s pretty and famous. This woman was probably high on something and had sex thinking she was getting banged by bieber.

  14. omg that is a lie okay reall this girl saw justin bieber they went into the bathroom did it and he is gone thats a lie and besides he has a beautiful girl name selena gomez

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