Justin Bieber’s Mom Talks About Abortion At 17

In an emotional interview for “Today”, Justin Bieber’s mom talked about abortion at 17, sexual abuse and drugs and alcohol addiction. Hard to imagine Justin Bieber was brought up to be such an amazing kid by a mother who once had a suicide attempt.

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mom, recently released her memoir “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom”. Hearing the story of her troubled teen years from Justin Bieber’s mom herself had surely given her son’s fans something to think about. At 17 years, Pattie Mallette was dealing with depression, alcohol and drugs addiction, sexual abuse and a pregnancy she just couldn’t abort.

It’s obvious Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mother, is the proof women with troubled pasts can have a happy life. For the 400,000 American teenage girls giving birth each year or the one in three adolescents abused physically, sexually and emotionally, Pattie Mallette’s book should definitely be an example of power and hope.

“I’ve learned it’s normal and natural for anybody who’s been through sexual abuse to carry that shame and that blame and feel like there’s something wrong with you. So I definitely carried that” Justin Bieber’s mom told Kathie Lee Gifford on Today.

Pattie Mallette also confessed the shame and guilt brought her to the edge. She described the suicide attempt to have been “a culmination of, you know, built up over the years with the abuse and the pain and at the time I was messed up with all the drugs and alcohol”.

At 17 years old, Pattie Mallette was pregnant with Justin. She confessed many have encouraged her to consider abortion, but she just couldn’t do it. “I just knew I couldn’t. I just knew I couldn’t I just know I had to keep him. And, do the best. I – you know, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I just knew that I couldn’t – I couldn’t abort” said Justin Bieber’s mom.

“I had to do my best. I had to see what I could do. And I was determined to do whatever it took” Pattie Mallette confessed. And when she heard Justin’s cry for the first time, Pattie Mallette said it was like he was singing.

“I know this sound crazy, but he sounded like he was singing. He did. It was like this, like, ‘A hah, a hah’. And I was like ‘Oh my gosh, it is so precious and amazing”, Justin Bieber’s mom said on Today.

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