Justin Bieber Pokes Fun At Prince William’s Thinning Hair

Us Weekly reports that Justin Bieber drew Britain’s discontent after poking fun at Prince William’s thinning hair. The Canadian singer recommended the future King of England to use Propecia or other treatments for his condition.

Justin Bieber is aware that having healthy mane is sometimes the key to success. Afterwards, he wouldn’t have become a star if it hadn’t been for the unusual hairstyle he was sporting at the beginning of his career. Yet, not all people are as lucky as he is, especially Prince William whose hair is getting thinner and thinner each day.

It’s not the receding hair that bothers Justin Bieber, but the fact that the royal heir is not doing anything to treat his affection. In a recent interview with U.K.’s Rollercoaster magazine he named a few products with the intention to help the future King of England prevent his hair from falling out completely. In Bieber’s opinion, Propecia is a very good product that William can use and grow his hair back. In the end, he asked reporters if they didn’t have Propecia in Britain.

The remark didn’t seem to offend Prince William as much as it offended British people. They were all very disturbed by the fact that the 18-year-old singer dared to poke fun at the royal heir. William’s brother, Harry may be somewhat entitled to make fun of William, but Bieber had no right to act superior with Kate Middleton’s better half. British journalist, Jessica Callan even told Washington Post that “a kid like Justin” shouldn’t adopt this behavior with Prince Williams.

Meanwhile, the famous couple has been enjoying the first week of the Olympics. Their vacation is now over as they are expected to get involved in many royal projects in the following period.

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