Justin Bieber Opens Up About Break-Up

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes have reportedly put an end to their relationship this weekend. The Canadian songwriter opened up about his break-up during a recent radio interview, but he refused to confirm or infirm the rumors, Us Weekly reports.

Justin Bieber took part in the first interview since rumors about a possible separation between him and Selena surfaced at the end of last week. John Garabedian, the host of Open House Party radio show, wanted to get more information about the singer’s personal life, but he received a series of confusing answers, instead.

As soon as Bieber made his appearance on the show, the radio show host asked him whether he has any comments he would like to make in relation to the recent events. Judging by his stuttering response, the singer was not expecting this question, but he nevertheless, tried to provide an answer. He told Garabedian that he doesn’t know what to say about the break-up.

The 18-year-old artist claimed he didn’t know whether the rumors were true or not. He further explained that he didn’t make any comments, so he has no idea who might have spread the word. While he is certain he did not say anything to the press, Justin can’t guarantee that Selena shares the same opinion as him. The two appear to be very distant lately, which might explain the mismatches between their declarations.

Justin Bieber resorted to his favorite means of communication, the Twitter, to keep in touch with his fans. Although he did not make any official statement, the artist thanked his fans and followers for the support they have shown to him “regardless of what happens”. In the end, he reassured fans that he has received and read all their comforting messages.

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