Justin Bieber Laughed After Egg Attack on Neighbor

Reportedly, Justin Bieber was quite happy with the fact that he attacked the house of one of his neighbors with eggs. Apparently, Bieber laughed and celebrated after the egg attack. 

The never ending scandals involving Justin Bieber have managed to bring something new in the attention of the media. It seems that famous star Justin Bieber has actually been really happy with what he achieved. Apparently, this was actually revealed on Friday. 

The Los Angeles County officials had in their possession a security camera footage that showed the entire scene. Bieber can be seen on the footage, in the middle of the night, throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house. The star walks to the house with a group of male friends, with whom he laughs and celebrates. 

However, it is important to mention that the singer was not seen on camera holding eggs and he wasn’t caught during the exact moment when they were thrown towards the house. This means that it still is rather difficult for anyone to determine if Bieber was really responsible with the whole case, even though most likely the singer was really there. 

If in this case Justin Bieber had luck, as if he is really guilty, he wasn’t caught on camera in the moment that could prove his guilt with no contests, it seems that there are more good news for the star. The White House apparently decided to decline taking into account the petition to deport the famous singer from America. 

A few months ago, a petition was made by people who are against Bieber and all the outrageous situations in which the singer was involved. The petition asked the White House to deport Bieber from the United States and have him return to Canada.

It has been said that the star is a danger and a threat, as his outrageous behavior can easily influence young people follow his example. In other words, parents, but not only, considered the pop singer to be a bad example for young people in the United States. 

Well, what will happen in this case is about to see. Meanwhile, it seems that Bieber is still not able to stay away of scandals.

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