Justin Bieber Interested in Miranda Kerr

New reports reveal that Justin Bieber might have had a crush on Miranda Kerr. It seems that the Baby singer was extremely persistent in contacting Miranda in 2012, after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

The news is revealed now, as it has been reported that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, Miranda’s former husband, got into an argument over the beautiful model. It all started with a rude remark that Bieber made about Bloom’s ex-wife. Bieber performed at the 2012 show and was caught with Miranda backstage, fact which led to numerous rumors. 

Back then, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were still married. Naturally, the fact that the model was seen with Bieber lead to speculation that there might be more to this relationship, although a statement from Miranda said that there is nothing going on between her and the star. Moreover, a source revealed that after the show, Bieber tried several times to contact Miranda, texting her really persistently. However, the same source indicated that Miranda did nothing to entertain his attempts. 

When it comes to the relationship with Orland Bloom, it seems that the two are in good terms. “Kerr speaks to Bloom every day because of their son. They did speak since the incident between Bieber and Bloom but did not talk about it as it’s just all about their son. Kerr wants all of this to blow over. She is in Europe now just trying to relax with her son,” a source explained. 

Another source told E! News that the model is not happy at all with the argument between Bloom and Bieber. The source claimed that Miranda Kerr actually feels really embarrassed about everything. The beautiful model wanted to leave all this behind, so she decided to get away on a holiday with her family. The source claimed that the star of Victoria’s Secret is now in Spain and Europe, vacationing. 

On the other hand, Justin continued the feud with Orland Bloom on social media, posting a photo of the famous actor on his account. It is yet to see if Bloom will respond to Justin’s attack or he will put the entire incident behind him now. 

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