Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up

Fans of the “Baby” interpreter got really upset when they first heard that Justin Bieber got beaten up. However, things are not as bad as they seem for the young artists was only doing a photo shoot for Complex’s 10th Anniversary Issue. The images were purposefully chosen to show people that the singer is all grown up now given that he turned 18 on March 1.

Justin Bieber has decided to adopt a completely different style ever since his 18th anniversary on March 1. He is determined to show the world that he has grown up and to adopt a different musical genre. His intensions were announced in a recent interview he released for Complex’s 10th Anniversary Issue.

The magazine created a unique pictorial that was meant to illustrate the tough side of the singer. The images show Bieber while fighting with several boxers. Most of the times he gets beaten up, but there are several photos in which he throws a few kicks, too. Unlike other pictorials he has done before, the pictures used by the Complex magazine are very violent and sanguineous precisely because they are meant to symbolize the artist’s coming of age.

Even though, Justin Bieber has been constantly mocked for his feminine looks and rapping skills, the singer doesn’t let himself intimidated. He told reporters that he raps for fun and this is the reason why his songs are not so serious as the ones of the famous rappers. Nevertheless, his manager declared that the artist will perform with various A-list collaborators for his new albums. Pharrell, Bruno Mars and Drake are some of the singers that will feature on his new album.

Justin Bieber started his career when he was rather young and yet he didn’t get used to the attention that he receives from the media. Scooter Braun, his manager, confessed that he finds it hard to convince Justin to accept paparazzi and reporters. Justin, on the other hand, explained that he doesn’t like to be photographed by people, especially when he is really tired from concerts and travels.

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