Justin Bieber, First Artist on the Moon

Those of you, who were hoping Justin Bieber would change residence to another planet, shouldn’t get your hopes too high. Biebs may be heading towards the outer space, but only for a limited period of time; the artist has just booked a ticket on the Virgin Galactic suborbital flight, E! News informs.

Justin Bieber, the youngest, yet most controversial singer in L.A. announced on Thursday, using his personal Twitter account, that he will be among the first persons to visit the suborbital space as a tourist. The rumor was first spread on Wednesday when Virgin Galactic manager, Richard Branson touted on his Twitter account that the “Justin Fever” could expand in the outer space. The manager wrote that he was glad @justinbieber and @scooterbraun have booked a ticket on SpaceShip Two.

The rumor was confirmed by the artist himself, who retweeted the message on his personal profile. His manager, Braun, limited himself to saying “im going to space momma!”, an exclamation, which I’m sure, would turn Morgan Freeman green with envy.

The singer joins the large group of celebrities, who will experience space tourism for the first time and, in case a slight wave of jealousy might seize you, just remember what happened to Laika. 530 stars have signed up for the first commercial flight performed by billionaire Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic. Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio are just two of the many stars who will be on flight, an image which I can’t help but associate to Bruce Willis’ “Fifth Element” movie. Or at least, this is how I visualize space tourism.

Some celebrities have paid huge sums of money to get on the passengers’ list. From what we know, Kutcher has paid $250,000, but other celebrities might have given bigger sums of money. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, alien readers of an extraterrestrial version of Daily Gossip, are seeking refuge on a more distant planet.

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