Justin Bieber Charged with Vandalism in Egg-Throwing Case

Justin Bieber will be charged with vandalism in the case involving egg-throwing in the house of a neighbor. It has been reported that prosecutors pushed for felony prosecution in this case. 

The case dates back to January 2014, when the Baby singer attacked the home of a former neighbor, at the star’s house in Calabasas, California. The Los Angeles County District Attorney claimed that Bieber will be charged on Wednesday on one count of misdemeanor vandalism. As expected, Justin Bieber will not be present in court.  

The case is just one of the legal problems of Justin Bieber, as the singer is also involved in two other cases in both Florida and Toronto. The neighbor of the star said that Bieber attacked his home with absolutely no reason. The star hurled more than a dozen raw eggs at this property. This caused damage of no less than $10,000. 

Witness statements come to sustain what the former neighbor of the star said, but surveillance videos do not show clearly what happened. It has been claimed that the videos show Bieber high fiving friends and celebrating after the eggs attack on his neighbor’s home. 

On January 14, the property of the star was searched for evidence linked to this case, while one of the singer’s friends was arrested for drug possession. Neighbors of Justin Bieber have always complained about the star and his behavior. The cops were several times called in at Bieber’s property, as neighbors claimed that the young star seemed unable to stay away from trouble. Bieber was accused of hosting loud parties, as well as driving recklessly in the community. 

What will happen in this case and if the star will be charged is something yet to be discovered. Until then, it seems that Bieber is having an amazing time. The star was spotted with a new lady, reports emerging on a new possible relationship for the famous singer. Justin Bieber is well known for his on and off relationship with Selena Gomez. Reports revealed that the star proposed to Selena over the weekend, but the young star refused to accept his proposal.

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