Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Relationship Drama

Rumors on the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still continuing. While the couple is still separated, it has been claimed that Selena and Justin might be willing to get back together, as sources reveal that the beautiful singer has never been over Justin. 

Well, now it seems that Justin, Selena and Hailey Baldwin are in the middle of a celebrity love triangle. Hailey Baldwin is said to be dating Justin Bieber now, although the two denied rumors, claiming that they are just friends. On the other hand, Selena is said to suffer very much because of the separation from Bieber. The two young stars ended their romance in October 2014, after a huge fight. Since then, it seems that they could no longer find a way to make things works.

The celebrity couple separated after Justin was spotted with Kendall Jenner in Paris, on a date. Following the split, everyone expected for the two to soon get back together. However, it seems that Bieber has already found someone else and maybe this time he is not ready to give it another try to the relationship with Selena. 

Some sources claimed that Justin is actually torn between his feelings for Selena and his feelings for Hailey, as he cares about both ladies. Apparently, Selena and Justin just cannot get over each other. So, things are as complicated as possible for the two and most likely the drama will continue in 2015, as well. 

Justin Bieber spent New Year’s Eve with Hailey Baldwin and maybe this is the start of a new relationship. The two looked quite cute in the photos they shared from their holidays. On the other hand, Selena spent time in Dubai, where she attended a party with her friends. The young singer managed to cause some controversy by exposing her angle in Abu Dhabi Mosque. The scandal started as Selena shared a photo on her Instagram from a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The pic has since been removed from her account. Waggling a bare ankle in a mosque is considered a sign of disrespect in the Muslin culture.

So, it is yet to see if Justin and Selena will get back together or their separation is final, this time.

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