Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together and Planning to Get Married

According to a new report, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. The report indicated that the two stars are once again a couple and things are getting very serious between them. In fact, the new report said that things were getting so serious that the two stars were planning on getting married. 

The shocking news was reported by In Touch, which claimed that Justin was the one who contacted the young singer. “Justin reached out to Selena a few weeks ago while she was in rehab,” an insider said according to the celebrity site. “She was surprised to hear from him, but soon they were talking all the time,” the same source went on to add. 

The insider went on to say that Justin proposed to Selena to move way from Los Angeles and the young singer was on board with the idea. “Selena was all for it – as long as Justin proposes.” The source also claimed that Selena is quite sure that she wants to marry Justin, although her family may not be supportive of this idea. 

“Selena will get married in private, just to show them she doesn’t need their approval,” the source explained. When the secret wedding would be taking place has not been revealed. A very interesting fact to mention at this point is that Selena and Justin have been known to be separated before this report emerged. 

Well, the claims may not be true after all, as Gossip Cop dismissed the report shared by In Touch. Gossip Cop said that the wedding rumors were untrue and Selena and Justin are not back together. The two famous singers first started dating back in 2010. They have been on and off dating for years and since their last separation many rumors have indicated that the two stars were planning on reconciling. However, every time the rumors turned out being untrue. It is yet to see if this will also be the case this time. Both Selena and Justin have remained silent about these claims.

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