Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?

After speculation emerged on Justin’s wish to get back together with Selena Gomez, new rumors reveal that the two are forming a couple once again. 

Selena and Justin were spotted together several times in the past few days, leading to more rumors saying that the two are trying to make their romance work once again. The two famous singers have been dating for two years, before their breakup. 

Now, Selena and her former boyfriend were seen together at a flower shop and then out to enjoy a meal. Moreover, TMZ reported that the two stars enjoyed a dancing date during which they seemed to be very much in love. People who saw the two together claimed that they surely looked like boyfriend and girlfriend. 

As Justin had no reason to be in Texas, other than to see Selena, who went to perform at the Hidalgo State Farm arena, it seems that the Baby singer really wants to get his former girlfriend back. The couple separated last year and everyone thought that there is no way they could reconcile. 

Well, it looks that Selena and Justin cannot stay away from each other. Speculation on the couple’s intention to get back together started when Justin posted a photo of Selena on his Twitter along with the comment “most elegant princess in the world.” Selena did not comment to the post, but she apparently was impressed. 

The news on a possible reconciliation between Bieber and his former girlfriend comes after reports revealed that the star has left furious his deposition after a series of questions about Selena. The young singer attended a four and a half long deposition regarding the lawsuit that involve the assault on a photographer outside The Hit Factory. 

It has been reported that everything went fine until Justin Bieber was asked about Selena Gomez. The attorney just wanted to know if the famous singer was present at the event. The Hollywood Gossip revealed that when he was asked about Selena, Justin actually left the room yelling “Don’t ask me about her, do not ask me about her!”

It is unclear what really happened at the deposition and how this legal case will end. 

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