Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are said to have reunited

Although many believed that this will never happen, it seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez found a way to make their romance work once again. The former celebrity couple is said to have reunited. The news is without a doubt unexpected, as Selena and Justin have been separated for months now. 

Well, the two singers were seen getting quite cozy while enjoying some pool time. The two were spending time together, at one point Selena actually being seen sitting in Justin’s lap. The two were not seen kissing or hugging, but they definitely seemed to be very close. 

Some insiders claimed that the pair managed to work things over and decided that they are going to see each other more, as their busy schedules allow them. The fact that Justin seemed to want Selena back was no secret. In fact, the famous singer gave numerous hints on his intention to see his former girlfriend. And Selena now thinks that her ex is more mature. 

“Their relationship is different from before because they’re both more mature, especially Justin. He really has changed for the better, at least Selena thinks so,” an insider said.  “He’s more like his old self, the self Selena originally fell in love.” The same source went on to add that Selena and Justin have a healthy relationship now and they are no longer playing games with each other. 

If numerous fans will be really happy to see Selena and Justin once again together, it seems that there is at least one person who cannot be thrilled. Taylor Swift has always shown her lack of disapproval for Selena’s romance with Bieber, of course, because she just wants her BFF to be happy and Justin has definitely managed to hurt Selena various times. So, some insiders claimed that Taylor was upset that Selena decided to take Bieber back. “Taylor is not over her friendship with Selena, but she is over trying to convince Selena that Justin is awful,” a source said. 

Naturally, the reconciliation has not been confirmed, so it is yet to see if these rumors are true after all. 

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