Justin Bieber And 1D To Have The Best Pop Collaboration

It’s not easy being a world reputable teenage superstar but Justin Bieber is making the most out of it. His latest single debuted at No. 2 in Billboard and his next is expected to be just as highly appraised. Bieber’s new album is expected to break records, particularly since it will feature a collaboration between the singer and 1D. Some people even called the Justin Bieber and 1D collaboration to be the best in the pop music.

Wednesday night, fans of Justin Bieber and 1D received a great gift. A conversation online between the two musical acts have given hints of a likely collaboration on Justin Bieber’s new album. Nial Horan started the whole frenzy, by tweeting: “in the studio with our boy @justinbieber last night, its gona sound great”.

Then Liam Payne sent his own post that read: “Got a first listen to justin biebers new album yesterday wowww big songs!!! Its gunna be a smash…Expect the unexpected :O”. And obviously, at such great compliments, Justin Bieber couldn’t just stay away from the post party. However, he didn’t disclose anything about the album, just thanked the guys from 1D. “Thanks buddy. Good chillin with u guys” read Bieber’s Twitter reply.

But a few hours later, the online frenzy over a likely Justin Bieber – 1D collaboration was still not over. Especially after Justin Bieber hit Twitter once again. His post pointed out that the “Never say Never” singer was in studio with the people from 1D. “studio with @iamwill and @usherraymondiv going in!”.

Later on, Bieber put an end to the rumors and confirmed there’s going to be a collaboration with 1D after all. “me and @usherraymondiv gottta have a duet on every album. #real”.

Although we can take Bieber’s post to be a confirmation of his collaboration with 1D, there’s no official source yet. Before the whole internet frenzy, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said that a collaboration between the two musical acts is “very possible” since Justin “likes them and thinks they are good dudes. All people of that generation should be there to help EACHOTHER”.

Meanwhile everybody is now excited to hear the duet and it’s likely the single will make pop fans implode. In the end it is a collaboration between the biggest teenage pop star in the world and the biggest boy band in the world.

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