Junior Seau’s Home Was Burglarized Days After Suicide

It hasn’t even been that long since Junior Seau’s suicide that someone decided to take a look at his belongings. The NFL linebacker’s home was burglarized days after suicide.

Just days later after Junior Seau’s suicide, people are still baffled and upset with the linebacker’s decision. Some are defending him, arguing nobody knows what he was going through, while others accuse him of making a selfish act. The internet is roaming with debates related to Junior Seau’s death and the recent news about his home being burglarized just added to the controversy.

According to Associated Press, last week, a crook broke into Junior Seau’s home. More specifically, on May 7th, at about 2 p.m., Seau’s garage was broke into and a $500 bicycle was stolen. Lt. Leonard Mata told AP the crook broke into the house through the doggy door.

“Somehow they forced the doggy door open so they squeezed through” said Mata. The police officer mentioned only one item was stolen, a $500 bicycle that belonged to one of Junior Seau’s friends.  The crook left the house through the garage door, after going through cabinets.

Junior Seau’s neighbors in Oceanside, California, are outraged by what happened. Terra Ramirez told KGTV: “I just think it’s horrible someone would even break into someone’s house after a tragedy like that”. Sean Bailey is another neighbor that has a similar take. He said “it’s just pretty sick and disgusting, actually”.

On May 2, Junior Seau committed suicide, leaving behind a family, team and friends. Even his branded restaurant is now in trouble. The NFL linebacker’s trustees said that: “Without Seau’s charismatic leadership, it was felt that the future profitability of the restaurant could be in question”.

The truth is that Junior Seau’s death brings in focus a very serious matter. The NFL and the NFL Players Association have put together several programs that helps players find job opportunities after their careers end.

But for professional football players that got used to be in the spotlight for most of their lives, going back to “normal” is not easy. What’s even worse for them is the realization of the fact that the game can go on without them. Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes explains the feeling: “What really gets you is it’s from 60 miles per hour to zero like that. Now what?”

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  1. junior gave me & thousands of sandiagons hope in life & supper bowl hopes he was sandiego. like tony gwin 100% die hard sandiegans going to miss junior robert green raised in sandiego god bless him &his family

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