July 4th Affected By Lack Of Power

A recent report published by Reuters shows that Americans’ plans for the Fourth of July have been affected by the lack of power on the eastern coast. Residents in the area between Midwest and Mid-Atlantic will spend the Independence Day without electricity like America’s forefathers did in 1776.

The Independence Day, like many other celebrations, has turned into a pretext for people to waste money, food and natural resources. The fact that Americans on the eastern coast can’t celebrate the Fourth of July because the Friday storm left them without electricity stands as a proof to the highly-consumerist characteristic of our society.

The entire territory from West Virginia to Ohio and Illinois has been affected by the unexpected Friday storm that left 3 million homes without electric power. Authorities managed to repair the damages in some parts of the states, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Reuters reporters have talked to some inhabitants of the area and they all stated that they don’t intend to celebrate the Fourth of July because their plans have been completely messed up by the power outage. Thus, they have cancelled their vacations and their cookouts because they “ran out of steam” to celebrate America’s birthday. The fact that authorities won’t use fireworks this year has increased the discontent of the population which will most likely stay indoors throughout the rest of the day.

More patriotic residents, on the other hand, managed to find all the necessary resources and positive energy to prepare a barbecue without the conveniences of electricity. 44-year-old LaJuan Barnett wanted to throw a party even though her plans were ruined by the power outage. The menu of the party was limited to hot dogs and hamburgers because she lost $350 on spoiled food, but she was, nevertheless, glad that she could celebrate the Independence Day.

Will you celebrate the Fourth of July?

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