Julianne Moore Reports $127,000 Worth Jewelry Stolen

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, Julianne Moore reported $127,000 worth jewelry stolen on October 1st. The actress filed a complaint at the New York Police Department claiming that a thief broke into her New York City residence stealing necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Julianne Moore’s house was broken into somewhere between June 6 and August 28, which is why the actress lost great part of her jewelry. According to the complaint that was filed at the New York Police Department on October 1st, the Oscar-winning star declared that she discovered that several necklaces, bracelets and watches were missing from her collection after the burglary took place.

Police told the press that it will be very difficult to identify the burglar who stole the jewelry as Manhattan’s West Village brownstone had been visited by lots of people at that period of time. The home is now under renovation, so around 15 to 25 construction workers had access to the house at the time when the burglary occurred.

The reported act has been filed by New York Police Department’s officers as great larceny and it will be investigated as such in the following period. They have estimated that the investigation will expand on a longer period of time. The missing objects haven’t been found until now and investigators estimate that it would be very difficult to recuperate them. Some of the jewelry might have been already sold to third parties, so it is more likely that the actress will receive compensation instead of the actual adornments.

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