Judge Throws Out Lutfi’s Lawsuit Against Britney Spears And Her Parents

For the past few weeks, Sam Lutfi brought Britney Spears back into the headlines with stuff from her meltdown, a few years ago. On Thursday, a judge decided to throw out Lutfi’s defamation lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents.

Sam Lutfi has sued Britney Spears and her parents with a variety of claims, including libel and defamation. The libel suit against the Spears family was full of controversial claims, but as expected Lutfi had no evidence to keep the lawsuit going. So, Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera decided to throw out Sam Lutfi’s case in lack of evidence that could support his charges.

“I really thought long and hard” said Judge Suzanne Bruguera as she introduced her ruling in the Britney Spears libel case. “It’s a difficult decision but it needs to be made” the judge added about dismissing Lutfi’s case. “That’s the right thing to do, and that’s what we are doing” Judge Bruguera explained.

It was a ruling that everybody saw it coming. Even the judge herself reminded Lutfi’s lawyer they need to have evidence to support the claims for the trial to keep going. “Everything you say, you have to be able to back it up. You can’t waste time on statements just thrown in the air. Everything has to have evidence” Judge Suzanne Bruguera told Sam Lutfi and his lawyer during the opening statements.

Sam Lutfi revealed a lot of details of Britney Spears’ meltdown, which he claims her parents made him take the blame for. He told the jury and the judge that the singer used to take amphetamines, which are most likely why she had the meltdown in the first place.

The failed relationship with Justin Timberlake might have been the onset of Britney Spears’ troubles. “It was a big relationship and it ended painfully. Her parents noticed a big change. There was a long period of many ups and downs but mostly a downward direction” Leon Gladstone told the jury in the opening statement.

“There is literally no evidence of her state of mind, her subjective belief that she was publishing something false, or that she published it in reckless disregard of the truth” said Steve Rohde, the lawyer who represented Britney Spears’ mom in the defamation case.

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