Josh Hamilton Makes Plans For Monday’s Game

Although he got a stiff back during the Sunday game, Josh Hamilton still thinks he can perform in Toronto, on Monday. According to ESPN, the muscle spasm was not so bad to prevent Hamilton from performing in the upcoming game.

Josh Hamilton had to retire from the baseball match against Tampa Bay because he had a muscle contraction which left him with a stiff back. Analysts were afraid that the outfielder would not be able to join his team in the Toronto series, but manager Ron Washington reassured everyone that Hamilton will be alright until Monday.

The 31-year-old Texas player told reporters that he felt the spasm when he was running out a run-scoring single in the first inning of the 5-2 loss to Tampa Bay. He was just making his third or fourth step out of the batter’s box when the back pains begun. Although he tried to loosen the spasm and to get back in shape, Hamilton was no longer able to move naturally, so the manager replaced him with another player.

Neither manager Washington, nor Hamilton seems to be preoccupied by the incident. They’ve both stated that back spasms are common; in fact, the outfielder has had similar problems before. He further added that it usually takes him 12 hours to get rid of the pain and be able to play again. Given these circumstances, Hamilton is certain that he will play in Toronto.

Since he never sleeps on planes, Hamilton declared that he will spend great part of the night flight to Toronto moving around the plane and making exercises for his back muscles. He stated that he is not worried about the injury because he didn’t feel anything that could alarm him. When he woke up, his back was a little bit tight, but with a little bit of exercise, he was able to walk with no problems.

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