Jorge Posada to officially retire

The Associate Press announced on Tuesday that Jorge posada will officially retire after 17 seasons, 5 titles and 1 team. The news conference was held on Tuesday at the Yankee Stadium in New York. The event was emotionally charged because Posada fought off tears during the entire time he made declarations to the press.

Jorge Posada to officially retireThe former Yankee catcher was accompanied by his wife, Laura, his 12-year-old son, Jorge Jr. and his 9-year-old daughter, Paulina. He told reporters that he was a Yankees all his life and he wishes to remain the same, so the media should no longer make speculations about the next teams he will sign with as a free agent. The baseball catcher further declared that he was not pleased with the images that sports analysts have created by using his face on different uniforms.

The All-Star catcher decided to retire at the age of 40, but his accomplishments will always remain in the American baseball history. He completed 17 major league seasons with a .273 career batting average, 275 home runs and 1,065 RBIs. The five World Series trophies were also aligned on the table at the press conference. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and CC Sabathia were also present at the Tuesday event.

The former New York Yankees player wanted to show the entire world that he is willing to remain loyal to his team for the rest of his life. Posada’s wife and children support his decision and they remain Yankees lifers, as well. Paulina, who is only 9 years old, was very impressed by the cardboard in front of her seat showing her name and the New York logo. She even told her dad that she will keep it as a souvenir.

Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte will also retire this season. The 37-year-old Jeter and the 42-year-old Rivera are the only players who remain from the group that helped the Yankees win four World Series in five years from 1996-2000. Posada however, told reporters that Mariano plans to retire after one year, whereas Derek Jeter will stay for three more years. The two baseball players stated that no decision has been made so far, but they are, nevertheless, aware that they will have to retire someday.

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