Jordyn Woods Talks about Best Friend Kylie

Jordyn Woods is without a doubt the best friend of Kylie Jenner. The two are so close that Jordyn is constantly seen in Kylie’s company. She has been, along with Kylie, a star of The Life of Kylie and Jordyn has constantly been present at important family events. Well, now, she decided to open up about Kylie and she only had very nice things to say about her best friend.

“Having a best friend is, like, everything. I feel like everyone deserves a best friend. It’s just like having someone you can call at any time,” Jordyn said during a World Smile Day celebration she attended. Jordyn also said that she believes she and Kylie will be friends for a long period of time.

“Obviously, I have my family and I have my mom, but sometimes you need that extra person that isn’t a part of everything, going through the same things as you. It’s really helpful. I feel like right now, at this age, you develop the friends that you’re going to have forever, and we do everything together,” she explained. “Nothing’s forever, but for as long as I can imagine, I believe so,” she said when asked if she and Kylie will be friends forever.

However, as imagined, there was something that Jordyn did not want to talk about when it comes to Kylie and that is of course the pregnancy rumors which have been linked to the star. “I’ll have probably have a lot of godchildren from all my friends, because we’re all just like a family,” Jordyn said, adding that she has no requests on that for the moment.

She was also asked what kind of parent Kylie would be, but once again Jordyn refused to say anything. She said she actually has no idea and will not make any comments on the subject. Of course, one of the things that have constantly been debated in the media has been the possible pregnancy of Kylie Jenner. The rumors claimed that Kylie is expecting a child with her current boyfriend, Travis Scott. The rumors claimed that the pair will welcome a daughter sometime in February.

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