Jon Cryer to Talk about Charlie Sheen

Famous actor Jon Cryer has decided to talk about Charlie Sheen and his departure from famous television series Two and a Half Men. The popular actor said that this was a slowly evolving thing, while Sheen showed all kinds of misconduct that occurred gradually. The famous actor was fired from Two and a Half Men in the spring of 2011. Naturally, the popular actor was extremely upset when this occurred. 

Jon Cryer talked about Sheen’s issues with the law and he actually claimed that he was very surprised when the actor was arrested for assaulting his then-wife Brooke Mueller. “I didn’t see the arrest coming, that’s for certain,” Cryer said. He went on to explain that he actually knew that Sheen was having certain alcohol and drug issues, this is why he was extremely worried for his safety. 

“Anyone who’s had an addict as a friend knows you live with this fear — is the next phone call gonna be the one where something horrible has happened?” he went on to explain. “I had that a lot with Charlie, and it was very, very tough to live with,” the Two and a Half Men actor added. 

He revealed that he actually tried to help his work colleague, but Sheen never wanted to listen. “Charlie and I had a couple of conversations. Again, when you’re dealing with somebody dealing with a substance abuse problem, it’s tough to get through [to them],” the actor said. Jon Cryer also claimed that the crew at Two and a Half Men, including its producer Chuck Lorre, wanted to help Sheen and make him realize that he needs to change his behavior. Still, the actor didn’t want to listen. 

After months of issues and scandals, Sheen was fired from the show and replaced with Ashton Kutcher. The finale of Two and a Half Men is going to come soon, as the crew is now working at the 12th and the last season of the show. It is yet to see what Charlie Sheen will have to say about these comments made by Jon Cryer and we can surely expect for him to not be happy at all.

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