Jolie’s Cousin Claims Brad Pitt And John Travolta Assaulted Him

With Angelina Jolie’s wedding coming up, something, or better yet, someone might disturb the agenda. Jonathan Jolie, Angelina’s alleged cousin claims that Brad Pitt and John Travolta assaulted him. The man has even filed court documents to get a restraining order against the actors.

Celeb Dirty Laundry. com has obtained some documents that claim Brad Pitt and John Travolta assaulted a man who claims to be family with Angelina Jolie. Jonathan Jolie says he is the actress’s cousin and has filed court documents with a U.S. court for a restraining order against Brad Pitt, John Travolta and the Church of Scientology.

What has the Church of Scientology to do with all this, you ask? Well, the man said that he was assaulted by the actors after he tried to stop Brad Pitt from adhering to the Church of Scientology. Crazy or not, Jonathan Jolie claims he was sent by the Pope himself to stop Brad from becoming a Scientologist.

Court documents read: “Jonathan Jolie was at the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida on 6/1/12 and was physically assaulted by Brad Pitt & John Travolta”. The man said Pope Benedict sent him “to spy and stop Brad Pitt from joining the Scientologists in Clearwater headed by John Travolta”.

Angelina Jolie’s alleged cousin adds he wanted to prevent her from getting brainwashed. From his point of view, if Angelina adheres to Scientologist beliefs, then “the Jolie seeds will be infected and our bloodline ruined as I am also albino by birth and marksman at night”.

Jonathan Jolie’s story seems farfetched and part of an upcoming scy-fy flick, rather than an actual account. Not to mention that statements such as “Pope Benedict called me into his secret chamber and told me Brad Pitt must be stopped immediately” don’t help his credibility much.

As Jonathan Jolie explained, when he met John Travolta and Brad Pitt, the two of them “were holding hands and in disguise as the 80’s sitcom Perfect Strangers”. According to Jolie, the two actors were having an affair which Brad Pitt asked him to keep secret.

The rest of the story involves Jonathan Jolie in a body armor fighting Brad Pitt with a sword. Eventually Brad Pitt and John Travolta prevailed and Jolie’s cousin was thrown in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m thinking this scenario could be even more successful than the “Da Vinci Code”.

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