Johnny Depp to Receive Legal Papers Linked to a Murder Trial

Probably, Johnny Depp did not expected to be served with legal papers related to a murder trial. The star received the documents as he was attending the premiere of his latest movie, in Los Angeles. 

The events occurred on Thursday, when Jonny Depp was hit with some legal papers linked to a murder trial, which naturally was extremely curious. The star received the papers as he was on the red carpet. The star was attending the premiere of his latest movie, Transcendence, which is a sci-fi film. 

TMZ reported that Depp was served with the papers from the trial of Nancy Lekon. Nancy was accused of killing a pedestrian with her car, back in 2009. Nancy Lekon has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Why is Depp involved in this case? Well, it seems that Nancy Lekon was in a relationship with Depp at the time when the events occurred. 

This is the reason why Johnny Depp was asked to testify on this case. However, it seems that Depp had nothing to do with this woman, as the lawyers of the actor claimed. Nancy’s lawyers are trying to prove that the woman is delusional and maybe the fact that she claims to have dated Deep is part of the defense strategy. 

So, maybe with absolutely no involvement, Deep found himself in the middle of a murder trial. It is yet unclear if the famous Hollywood star will make an appearance in court linked to this case. However, if Depp will decide to make a presence and clear things out, this can turn out being as interesting as possible. 

It is well known that Johnny Depp was in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis at the time of the incident. The famous actor currently is engaged to Amber Heard. Some reports reveal that Nancy Lekon and her lawyers are using the name of the famous actor to try to prove their case and make sure that the jury will believe she is delusional. Naturally, these are just speculations and it is yet to see what will happen in this very curious case.

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