Johnny Depp – The Rock Star

Johnny Depp is an endless spring of talents as the man never ceases to surprise us with what he can do. Last night, he went on stage during the Revolver Golden Gods Awards and performed several rock pieces with his friend, Marilyn Manson.

People who were present at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards were surprised to see Johnny Depp skillfully handling an electric guitar next to his friend, performer Marilyn Manson. The actor didn’t want the crowd to recognize him, so he showed up wearing a large hat embellished with feathers. At the end of the first song, Manson told the crowd that his guitarist is, in fact, Johnny Depp. His exact words were: “If you don’t recognize my personal friend … my personal savior, my personal guitar hero … Johnny Depp!”

Phones and electric devices could be seen anywhere in the Club Nokia in Los Angeles as soon as Manson revealed the identity of the mysterious man. They continued to play a few more songs together, but the most memorable interpretation was the one of the single “The Beautiful People”.

According to a recent report published in the People magazine, the onstage performance is not the only collaboration that the two stars will make this year. In fact, Depp might be joining Manson on his new album, “Born Villain”. This time, however, the “Pirates of The Caribbean” star will not play electric guitars, but drums. The rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, but sources claim that the two artists will even produce a cover for Carly Simon’s hit, “You’re So Vain”.

This was not the first time when Johnny Depp got up on stage to prove his rock skills. Last year, the actor joined another rock band, Alice Cooper, during the London Show. Guitar legend, Slash was supposed to make his appearance on stage, but Johnny Depp showed up in his place. The crowd was very happy to see him, especially since he delivered a perfect rendition of “Welcome To My Nightmare 2”.

The actor explained in a previous interview that he learned to play the guitar when he was 12 years old. In addition, he joined numerous garage bands including Rock City Angels before he started acting.


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