Johnny Depp Sued By A Disabled Woman

Out of all the celebrities today, Johnny Depp has something about him that makes headlines such as that above be very seldom. The actor’s diplomatic and polite way of dealing with people have kept him away from shameful public displays of anger or controversies with fans and peers. This time, Johnny Depp is sued by a disabled woman for something his bodyguards allegedly have done at a concert.

The woman that is suing Johnny Depp is a medical professor at UC Irvine and claims that during a concert in December 2011, the actor’s bodyguards put her through moments of “extreme and outrageous humiliation. In her filing with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the woman did not disclose her name and went with Jane Doe in an obvious attempt to keep the media out of her personal life.

The suit was filed this Monday in Los Angeles and documents read that the woman was attending an Iggy Pop concert with her husband in December 2011. She is accusing Johnny Depp’s bodyguards of forcibly moving her away from her VIP seat in such a manner that during the event her shoes came off and even her clothes got all disheveled that some private parts were exposed.

The court filing reads allegations that appear to be extremely cruel. Our Jane Doe wrote that bodyguards kept her restrained from the wrists and even went so far to try and take her iPhone which she was holding firmly in her hands, one finger at a time. During the event, the woman claims to have suffered several injuries “cuts, bruising, scrapes, swelling, hyper-pigmentation and bleeding”, while her pre-existing condition (spondyloarthritis, fibromyalgia) got worse.

Moreover, Johnny Depp’s bodyguards are accused of handcuffing the woman and dragging her through the building the concert took place to the point that her pants came off and the woman’s buttocks were exposed “to the other Hollywood Palladium Theater patrons”.

I bet you’re arguing by now that it is obvious Johnny Depp had nothing to do it, and it is solely his bodyguards’ issue if the allegations are true. But the woman also mentioned that the actor was “supplying direct supervision and management of his security guards and directing their current and future actions”.

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  1. According to police comments to TMZ (this story is from december) the woman was WASTED!!…and some witnesses says that she is the one that attacked Johnny Depp and refusing to let go of him. His security kept trying to get her to let go she refused and then she scared his children who were with him!

  2. I’m agree with you@Aboveall..she wants money and what kind of doctor is she’?..drunk in a Iggy concert?And we (his fans) know that Johnny is a good guy!

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