Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Says Amber Heard Refused to Testify

Laura Wasser, a lawyer for famous actor Johnny Depp, revealed that Amber Heard actually refused to testify in the case against her former husband. Wasser has filed some new legal documents in which she claimed that the actress started yelling and laughing, refusing to testify. 

So, Amber Heard was supposed to give a testimony in front of her estranged husband’s lawyers, on Saturday. Amber waited for 10 hours at the law office, but when she was supposed to enter the deposition room, she just refused. Actually, Wasser said that Amber was called in several times throughout the day, but she kept on refusing to talk. 

In the legal documents she filed, Wasser said that at one point Amber broke down in tears and said she did not want to testify. Wasser said Amber Heard was “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others.” The lawyer also said that Amber “appeared manic and irrational,” despite her lawyer’s attempts to “reason with her.” 

Wasser accused Amber and her legal team of failing to give her estranged husband’s lawyers the legal documents they requested. What Johnny Depp’s lawyer is seeking now is for Amber to be prohibited from testifying if the case goes to trial. 

On the other hand, Amber’s lawyer claimed that the actress actually waited to be called in for testimony, but this has never happened. The star’s lawyers claimed that Amber was just late for the deposition, as she arrived 90 minutes later than the scheduled hour. However, she was ready to be deposed and “there was nothing preventing Johnny’s counsel from commencing during the deposition time.” 

While it remains unclear exactly what has happened during the deposition, what is certain is that Amber was granted an extension to her restraining order against her estranged husband. Amber did not make an appearance in court, but was represented by her lawyer. Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence and claimed that the actor has been abusive towards her throughout their entire marriage. Johnny is also set to be deposed, but after Amber’s deposition is completed.

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