Johnny Depp Reportedly Cut Off his Fingertip during Fight with Amber Heard

Famous actor Johnny Depp might not be happy at all with the latest claims. According to a new TMZ report, the actor has actually lost one of his fingertips during a brutal fight with his estranged wife, Amber Heard. The report indicated that the incident occurred in March 2015 and was captured on video. 

So, TMZ reported that the actor was drunk and high on ecstasy the moment when he got involved in a severe argument with Amber. He accused his estranged wife of infidelity and started smashing multiple bottles of glass and windows. He also smashed a plastic phone against a wall. This occurred in Australia, the report indicated. 

Unfortunately for the actor he also sliced off a portion of his middle finger on his right hand with a piece of glass of something that he destroyed. But, the actor was not preoccupied at all to get medical attention. He shockingly dipped the remaining of his forefinger into Amber’s dark blue paint to write on a mirror the words “Easy Amber” and “Billy Bob.” 

“Billy Bob” was written on the mirror because Johnny Depp believed that his wife of that time was cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton, as the two actors worked at a movie together. Amber denied the allegations and said that this was not the first time when her estranged husband accused her of having an affair. 

The video surfaced as Johnny Depp is accused of verbal and physical violence by his former wife. Actually, Amber claimed that the actor has been abusive throughout their entire relationship. The actor has previously denied the reports. Billy Bob Thornton also denied the claims. The actor stated that he has never been in a romantic relationship with Amber. 

Billy told TMZ that the allegations made by Depp are “completely false.” The actor explained that he and Amber are not even friends and they never spent time together while working at London Fields. Thornton also said he never interacted with Depp and he actually does not know either of the two actors too well. Depp also starred in the movie.

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