Johnny Depp never Abused Amanda Heard while being Sober

The rumors on the scandalous breakup of Johnny Depp and Amanda Heard are never ending. So, a series of things have been claimed about the two and a series of sources have decided to talk about the relationship between the famous actors.

Well, a pretty common question that has emerged regarding Johnny and Amanda has been why Amanda waited for so long before ending her marriage, if the famous actor has been so abusive towards her?

Well, at least this question seems to have been answered by a new report. The report claimed that the reason why Amanda remained by Johnny’s side, despite his behavior, is the fact that she really believed that the famous actor would eventually stop.

Furthermore, a source has recently revealed that Johnny has never abused Amanda while being sober. 

Thus, Amanda really hoped that things would get better in her relationship with Johnny. And the way things worked depended on whether he used drugs or not. “Amber didn’t want to come forward about the abuse because she had faith he’d get better and that it would stop,” a source said according to E! News. The same insider went on to explain that Amanda has actually “suffered severe emotional trauma” because of the abuses. 

The source claimed that Amber used to forgive Johnny anything, as the actor commonly apologized to her and she believed him. However, the insider claimed that things could not go on like this forever, this is the reason why Amanda had to leave her husband. 

“She’s now realized that his addictions got the best of him and that she couldn’t continue living this way,” the source said. The insider also claimed that Amanda is afraid of her former husband. Despite that, Amanda still loves Johnny and the source claimed that the actress hopes that he will get help to be able to overcome his addictions. 

The whole case that Amanda Heard filed against Johnny Depp remains ongoing, so it is yet to find out if the star had really abused her. Depp has not officially commented on the report.

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