John Travolta Sued For Sexual Battery By Masseur

Reuters informs that John Travolta was sued for sexual battery by an unidentified masseur who claims the actor sexually assaulted him during his stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January. The victim is requesting a $2 million compensation for his moral damages.

The masseur doesn’t want to reveal his identity, so he is usually referred to as John Doe in court documents. Based on the complaint he filed on Friday, the masseur was abused by John Travolta while delivering him massage services in his bungalow. John Doe explained that the actor rubbed his leg, touched his genitals and tried to convince him to engage in at least one sexual intercourse.

Travolta’s reps were quick to respond to the masseur’s accusations. They stated that the entire story is a “baseless lie”. The actor was not in Beverly Hills on January 16; he was on the East Coast and there are many people who can testify for him. The reps concluded their statement by letting people know that John Travolta will sue the attorney and the plaintiff for malicious prosecution as soon as the sexual assault case is over.

The masseur is represented by a lawyer in Pasadena, California named Okorie Okorocha. He spoke with reporters and told them that Californian laws enable victims to file for sexual assault as a John Doe in case they fear embarrassment. Despite this, Okorocha claims he has enough evidence to prove that his client is right. He even provided details about the incident telling reporters that the massage session was carefully arranged by an anonymous person. The latter picked John Doe up and took him to Travolta’s hotel where he was supposed to get $200 per hour.

John Doe would have wanted to file claim sooner, but his lawyer wanted to investigate the case to determine whether the masseur is right or not. In addition, the two parties agreed to discuss with the actor’s representatives hoping they could reach an agreement that would work for everyone. John Travolta’s legal representatives did not lend an ear to Okorie Okorocha’s claims and reassured everyone that the accusations are false.

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