John McAfee Wants a Normal Life Back in the United States

Last week, tech mogul John McAfee said he had no plan to return to the United States as he was thrilled about moving to Guatemala. But Guatemala officials have decided to deport John McAfee back to Belize and now he says all he wants is a normal life back in the United States.

John McAfee is what you can easily call an eccentric, or a man who became insanely rich too soon. He’s been indulging in such an exotic life, it’s going to be hard for him to find another country where yoga, designer drugs, ultra-light aircraft and producing herbal medication will be the right set. However, this Sunday, John McAfee said all he wants is a normal life now and his “only hope” is to return to the United States.

For the past few weeks, John McAfee has been on the run and became a fugitive after his neighbor in Belize was found dead. While police in Belize say they only want to question the tech mogul, John McAfee cried he was being harassed so he went on an international chase and sought protection in Guatemala. But they didn’t want him and are now trying to deport him back to Belize.

Last week, John McAfee wasn’t planning a return to the United States, he was being all appreciative of the legal system in Guatemala which was better than that in Belize. “I cannot ever return to Belize… there is no hope for my life if I am ever returned to Belize. If I am returned, bad things will clearly happen to me” John McAfee said this Sunday.

“Since April of last year, the Belizean government has been trying to level charge after charge against me – all of them groundless, none of them sticking. This is simply the latest in that chain” John McAfee explained of his trouble with Belize.

The tech mogul also talked about being hospitalized after he snuck into Guatemala. “I did not eat for two days, I drank very little liquids, and for the first time in many years I’ve been smoking almost non-stop” John McAfee said. “I stood up, passed out and hit my head on the wall”.

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