John Lackey Likely to Miss an Entire Season

John Lackey is scheduled for a Tommy John surgery which is likely to keep him off the field for an entire season. Ben Cherington, new Red Sox general manager, stated that his pitcher John Lackey will probably be away for the 2012 games.

Lackey’s condition started showing signs early in the season as he experienced soreness in his elbow throughout 2011. Once the season was over, he decided to have his arm checked again and saw Doctor Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles. At the aid of thorough examinations and meticulous procedures, including an MRI, Yocum recommended the Tommy John surgery. The pitcher had a previous elbow check during May and was able to compare those results with the more recent ones in order to have a better view of the development in his condition and as such decided to go ahead with the surgery. He is currently waiting for a date for the procedure.

Tommy John has recently become the team’s manager, succeeding Theo Epstein who left the club in favor of Chicago Cubs where he is the president of baseball operations. During a press conference which presented him as the new Red Sox manager, Cherington talked about his new job as well as Lackey’s condition. To his manager the pitcher is one of the toughest people ever meant, since he was able to pitch even though he was having issue both on and off the field. “I thought he showed tremendous toughness pitching through that”.

John also stated that Lackey is really excited about the future and looking forward to getting the surgery and recovery period done with and returning to the field as he believes he is yet to show the best that he can do. “We look forward to having him as a part of the staff, likely in 2013″.

Lackey finished the 2011 season with a personal score of 12-12, a 6.41 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP.

According to a clause in the pitcher’s contract if he misses time due to the Tommy John surgery to his elbow, the team manager has the option for adding a sixth year, paid at the league minimum salary.

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