John Ingle, “General Hospital” Star, Died Of Cancer

You could easily say there’s some dark cloud looming above the world of showbiz, just taking our childhood stars. John Ingle, “General Hospital” star joins the list of celebrities that passed away. John Ingle died of cancer a few days ago.

John Ingle, who played the role of the ruthless businessman Quartermaine in the famous soap opera “General Hospital”, had his last TV appearance last week. After almost a decade on the set of the well known show, John Ingle died after a long battle with from cancer. His family reported his death September 16. John Ingle passed away at 84 years old.

John Ingle’s death shook the world of showbiz. Being a former drama teacher at Hollywood High School, Beverly Hills High School, Occidental College, Los Angeles City College and UCLA, many well known actors such as Richard Dreyfuss, Nicolas Cage, Julie Kavner and Swoosie Kurtz had the opportunity to be shaped by the star of “General Hospital”.

To the news that John Ingle died, many of his fellow stars expressed their condolences on Twitter. John J. York, who plays Mac Scorpio on the show “General Hospital” with Ingle, said: “John Ingle my dear friend, so full of love kindness generosity & humor I will miss u dearly love and deep condolences 2 his beautiful family”.

Leaving his teaching career in his mid 50’s, Ingle already knew what roles he would be suitable for. “I’ve either married someone, buried them, fired them, judged them or lectured to them” John Ingle recalled in a 1995 interview for Times.

And so he did, he played in TV shows such as “Big Love,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Night Court” and “The Paper Chase” and films such as “Death Becomes Her” and “Heathers”, playing his roles like they were his last.

John Ingle’s last appearance in “General Hospital” was on August 24, appearance which was described by his daughter on Facebook as “monumental”, even if “his scene was small, and he had very few words”.

John Ingle was born in 1928, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and married in 1954 Grace-Lynne Martin whom he knew from high school. They had five daughters together. His wife also died in February.

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