John Cusack Could Play Rush Limbaugh In Biopic

Rush Limbaugh is loud, conservative and controversial. John Cusack is amazing, liberal and popular. A recent statement for The Hollywood Reporter reads that John Cusack could play Rush Limbaugh in a new biopic about the conservative, colorful and controversial host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”.

Unless Rush Limbaugh has some secrets he never told us about, a biopic doesn’t seem that tempting. But John Cusack playing Rush Limbaugh could be an interesting thing to experience. The actor and the real-life character are millions of years away when it comes to finding a common ground.

It was first the Associated Press that has linked John Cusack to the Rush Limbaugh biopic currently in the works. The upcoming biopic will be released under “Rush” and is produced by New Crime Productions, which is John Cusack’s very own production company. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the story with a new statement from the producers of “Rush”.

“New Crime Productions and John Cusack are currently considering a project about the larger-than-life personality, Rush Limbaugh” a New Crime rep told THR. “Betty Thomas, who covered similar terrain in her portrait of Howard Stern, is interested in directing” the rep added. According to AP, the script is going through the last retouches and production should start in 2013.

New Crime says that the script for the Rush Limbaugh biopic is going to “explore the rise and reinvention of American Talk Radio, and Limbaugh’s continued influence and impact over the last three decades in that world”.

Although the production company did not state that John Cusack will in fact play the Rush Limbaugh part, that is very likely to happen. Apart from the physical and political differences, John Cusack does have the experience and skill to act an authentic Rush Limbaugh. The makeup will do the rest and we bet turning John Cusack into Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t be the artists’ biggest challenge.

However, a lot of people think the biopic will be a sort of mockumentary since Rush Limbaugh has been under a lot of scrutiny lately while director Betty Thomas is known to have been working on satirical movies. So “Rush” could easily turn into something like “The Brady Bunch Movie” and “Private Parts”, only louder and more voluminous.

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