Johan Santana Threw The First No-Hitter In Mets History

Johan Santana managed to throw the first no-hitter in the New York Mets history during the Friday night game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The team almost gave up trying to score the no-hitter when the miracle took place: Santana and the left fielder made a no-hit game, according to ESPN.

Mets’ fans have more reasons to admire the New York players after Friday’s game. The achievement was performed by Johan Santana and it was all the more appreciated as the team had been struggling to throw a no-hitter for more than half a century.

Johan Santana was helped by the left fielder who succeeded in making an incredible catch. The umpire’s missed call also enabled the Venezuelan pitcher to obtain the 8-0 win over St. Louise Cardinals. This shows that Santana has recovered from last year’s shoulder injury which prevented him from joining the team all season.

Terry Collins, Mets’ manager told the press that he intended to limit Santana’s performance to a maximum of 110-115 pitches, but he finished the game with a career-high of 134. Collins explained that he didn’t dare to get Santana out of the field because he was doing a fantastic job. The thought that the Friday game could turn into a historical moment, determined the manager to keep the Venezuelan in the game even though this might have affected his health. He is now afraid that his decision might have worsened Santana’s health condition.

This was the first no-hitter that Johan has thrown in his entire career. He told reporters that he was very surprised by his achievement, but is happy that he contributed to his team’s reputation.

There is but one baseball team that never managed to score a no-hit game, that is, San Diego Padres. The team was established in 1969 and has been included in the majors, but they never managed to throw a no-hitter during the games they sustained so far.

After the game, Santana released interviews for various TV and radio shows. He told the media that he doesn’t consider the Friday achievement to be completely his because he wouldn’t have done it without his team.

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