Joe Giudice hires a new attorney to Support Him in His Deportation Case

Long journey home. Joe Giudice has hired an lawyer to assist him in the deportation process — and he’s hoping to return to America.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alumni, who is 49, revealed to DailyGossip on Friday November 19 that he’s looking to come back in the United States after spending the last two years in Italy. In October of 2018 the judge ordered him to be exiled after serving 3 years of prison time for fraud.

“I would like to be able to see my children again in our home state, be a part of their lives, be physically present when they need me and watch them grow up,” Giudice spoke to us of his daughters Gia 20 Gabriella 17 Milania 15, and Audriana 12 years old, whom were his with his former wife Teresa Giudice. “I want to hug my grandmother’s hand once more before the day comes that she’s no more living on this Earth. I want to spend time with my mom as well asmy family as well as be in the same place that I’ve known as home since the time I was just a year old.”

With the help of Manager Dominique Enchinton of Dominton Talent House, Joe said he engaged an immigration lawyer Jessica M. Cadavid to help him fight his case.

Joe Giudice hires a new attorney to Support Him in His Deportation Case: I'd like to "See My Children Again'
Joe Giudice with his daughters. Photo courtesy of Joe Giudice/Instagram

“I’m hopeful and pray that I can finally go home in the near future,” He told us on Friday.

Cadavid who has been involved in the case of the businessman for the past two months, is hopeful that he’ll have the chance to see his family members sooner and not later.

The lawyer of Cadavid & Associates told Us that she’s filing an inadmissibility waiver, which she described as “kind of a forgiveness from the United States government.” In the previous president’s administration, such waivers that were discretionary were not granted as per Cadavid.

“[But] we are hopeful that this time around, we can take a look at his file with time that has passed from his deportation and the fact that he has a family here, he still has children here,” she told reporters on Friday. “He could ask the government for forgiveness and at least come back to be able to see his family.”

On the 14th of January 2014 Joe received a sentence of 41 months of prison after admitting guilt to wire, mail, and bank fraud. His wife, who was 49 at the time was sentenced to serve 15 months and was released shortly after December of 2015. The couple revealed four years later that they were divorced after nearly two years of marriage. The divorce was finalized in September of 2020.

A month after that, Joe was granted permission to leave Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody and two judges granted Joe’s request for travel Italy as his deportation case was being considered. “[Joe wants to] begin working and contributing financially to his wife and four kids,” James Leonard, Joe’s lawyer at the time, stated in the documents that were obtained from Us during the period.

A father with four children was taken into ICE detention in the month of March following the completion of his sentence in jail. A year later, Joe’s bail request was rejected. In October of 2020 the judge decided that Joe was not able to reside at home in New Jersey with his family.

“I do not understand what I’m supposed to do to avoid deportation in this instance. If you’d like let me tell the truth,” Joe told the judge on a teleconference after the ruling. “I should not even be here now. I’m going to return to tell my kids what I’ve learned and they’ve waited for me to tell them.”

After landing at Naples, Italy, later the same month Joe made a public declaration in which he explained the lessons he learned during his time in prison.

“At the end of the day, people make mistakes,” he told reporters in October of 2020. “Nobody’s perfect. I’ve learned something valuable from this and I’m sure I’m the only person who matters for me, but it’s much better to be here instead of within the house.”

The following day, Cadavid said to Us the newspaper that she believes that the U.S. government will see that her client “has been involved in a lot of activities and a lot of different things that put him in a good light” and could be classified as a priority case saying, “[Joe] made a mistake and he very well will tell you that, but that mistake isn’t for life.”

The lawyer added, “Joe’s a part of many homes. He’s appeared on Real Housewives and so people have been following his story and continue to get involved. This is exactly what we’re trying to convey in our application.”

Cadavid stated that the time frame could be “14 months at a minimum” before an judge is allowed to hear Joe’s argument. “We talk a lot about feelings because this process is hard and it’s sad,” she said to Us. “Someone is out there in purgatory kind of waiting [and asking], ‘Can I come see my family?'”

The reporting is done by Diana Cooper

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