Joe Biden Takes The Vice President Nomination

“Bin Laden Is Dead! GM Is Alive” Joe Biden kept saying for the past six months, launching what is easily the catch phrase of Obama’s re-election campaign. With that bumper-stick selling pitch, Joe Biden opened his speech at the Democratic National Convention where he accepted the Vide President nomination.

It’s almost a bit shocking Joe Biden took the VP nomination. Democrats have been highly scrutinous against Biden and for good reasons. Unlike other men of politics that could stand by the U.S. president, Joe Biden has a reputation to be a gaffe-prone politician. Now, why would Obama take by his side as Vice President a man whose gaffes could cost him the re-election?

Fortunately for the democrats at the Convention Thursday night, Joe Biden managed to deliver his VP acceptance speech without making something embarrassing. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you what I think you already know, that, I watch it up close, bravery resides in the heart of Barack Obama and, time and time again, I witnessed him summon it” said Joe Biden.

Well, it’s nice to have a VP looking up at the president, seeing beneath those suits Superman’s colors. And Joe Biden’s sucking up to the president doesn’t end here. In his VP acceptance speech, Joe Biden goes on talking about the “courage in [Obama’s] soul”, the “compassion in his heart and spine of steel”.

It was because of Obama’s actions and calls, “because of the determination of American workers and the unparalleled bravery of our special forces, we can now proudly say what you’ve heard me say the past six months”. “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive” VP nominee Joe Biden told the audience.

Then Joe Biden went on to enhance the contrast between the upbringing of president Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. “I’m sure he grew up loving cars as much as I did” said the VP nominee about contender Mitt Romney as both of their dads worked in the auto industry.

“But what I don’t understand, what I don’t think he understood, I don’t think he understood that saving the automobile worker, saving the industry, what it meant to all of America” Biden said of Romney hinting the Republican is not in touch with what American workers want.

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