Joan Rivers Says Obama And Romney Are Idiots

Most Hollywood celebrities are not exactly politics’ fans. In fact, apart from casting their votes as citizens, most of them avoid even making statements on the subject. Joan Rivers on the other hand seems to have had enough dishing on fellow celebrities. In an interview for CNN Joan Rivers said Obama and Romney are both idiots.

On Wednesday, Joan Rivers talked with CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin about her new book, personal life, living in New York City and politics. The presidential race seemed to press a few hot buttons for Joan Rivers. Rivers told Zoraida Sambolin it would be better if the United States would follow England’s model.

“How dare you spend two years campaigning? This country’s in trouble” reacted Rivers. “They should do what England does. Six weeks – to find out what everyone thinks before they vote for them for Parliament. That makes sense”. She joked saying she’s in favor of monarchy for the look and the good gift shops, but she continued blasting on both Democrats and Republicans.

“The money spent? Outrageous” continues Joan Rivers. “Obama went on a dinner party for Democrats? $40,000 a plate. You’re not Democrats. You’re not Democrats. You’ve very strong Republicans” blasts the “Fashion Police” star. “I find the whole thing disgusting. Both sides disgusting” concludes the comedian. The comedian eventually called both President Barack Obama and likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney “idiots”.

Zoraida Sambolin also wanted to hear Rivers’ opinion on the recent 99 percent Occupy Wall Street protests. Asked if she considers herself to be part of the one percent, Rivers explained she loves her jobs and likes to work hard and make money. She also added subsidizing someone who’s “got 92 children and is sitting around all day long, third generation on welfare” isn’t her thing.

But politics wasn’t the only topic Joan Rivers and CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin talked about during Wednesday’s interview. The comedian authored a new book she is now promoting, called “I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me”.

“Life is so terribly sad” said Rivers explaining she thinks people should laugh at everything only to cope. “Right below the surface, life is so sad that if we don’t laugh – look at me. We just die. Laugh at everything. I don’t care. If you’re alive, you better start laughing” recommends the comedian.

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