Joan Rivers Left $150 Million Fortune

Joan Rivers had an extremely successful career, so there is no wonder that the famous singer has left no less than $150 million fortune to her daughter. So, all these money will go to Melissa, Joan’s grandson Copper, but also to her dogs.

A spokesperson of the star revealed that the fortune that Joan Rivers made from her entertainment career is valued at about $150 million. The comedian made more than $40 million a year. She was a partner in some businesses of clothing and jewelry selling, too. Everything goes to Melisa, her only daughter.

However, Joan left clear provision for her dogs, too, who have been her best friends, as Joan previously said. Actually, two of her dogs, Samantha and Teegan, have been by Joan’s side also in her final days, which the star spent at the Manhattan’s Mount Sinai hospital. Sources claim that most likely the dogs will be cared now by Joan’s longtime assistant, Jocelyn Pickett. So, it seems that Joan wanted to make sure that her beloved dogs will be looked after, despite her death.

Joan Rivers died last week, after suffering a heart attack. Everything started with a routine procedure on her throat, last month, when the star fall unconscious. It seems that the comedian was undergoing treatment on her vocal cords, when some complications occurred. Apparently, soon after a respiratory and cardiac attack occurred and the star was transported to the emergency room.

She remained in induced coma at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and underwent treatment in the hope that doctors will be able to stabilize her condition. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for Joan, so the star passed away last week. What made this an extremely shocking moment was the fact that Joan showed no signs of disease before attending the procedure at the Manhattan clinic. 


The star’s funeral took place on Sunday. Among those who attended it are Kelly Osbourne and Sarah Jessica Parker. The exact cause of the death has not been revealed yet, so investigation continues to find out what really caused the death of Joan Rivers. 

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