Joan Rivers’ Doctor Took Selfie during Throat Surgery

The death of famous comedian Joan Rivers has surely been a tragic event. The 81 year old star seemed to be in good health before the attack that lead to her hospitalization. Rivers passed away at the hospital, after days of treatment. 

It all started with a routine procedure that Joan underwent at Yorkville Endoscopy on August 28. Well, CNN now reported that her doctor may have made a terrible mistake. CNN revealed that the star’s personal doctor paused the procedure the famous comedian was undergoing to take a self-portrait. During this time, the singer was under anesthesia. 

So, the personal doctor of the star stopped to take a selfie in the procedure room, while the star was under the effects of anesthesia. Apparently, immediately after that the comedian went into cardiac arrest. Her physician also decided to perform an unplanned biopsy on her vocal cords. Moreover, a staff member from the facility claimed that the doctor was not authorized to make this procedure at the clinic. 

Following the events, Dr. Lawrence Cohen no longer works at the facility. Joan Rivers passed away on September 4. After losing consciousness during her biopsy, she was rushed to the Mount Sinai hospital. Still, it has been reported that she never regained consciousness. 

The clinic where the biopsy was performed officially denied that this procedure took place there. However, it fired Cohen since. Moreover, it has been said that the biopsy was done without the prior consent of the star. 

“Yorkville has said and still says that a biopsy of the vocal cords was never attempted or done at its site ever. HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] laws prevent us from disclosing any information about patients or their procedures,” a statement from a spokesperson for Yorkville Endoscopy said. 

However, an investigation is performed on this case. “The State Department of Health’s investigation is ongoing. As this is an open investigation, DOH cannot comment on any specifics regarding the investigation,” a statement from the New York Department of Health revealed. 

So, it is yet to discover what this investigation will reveal once it ends.

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