Jimmy Hayes’ Family Moments With His Wife Kristen and Sons: Pictures

Family man. Jimmy Hayes shared many adorable moments with his wife Kristen Hayes, and their children, Beau and Mac, before his death in August 2021.

It was reported that the NHL player was discovered dead at blogger’s Massachusetts home. A few months later, the cause of death was discovered, and it was cited as by medical examiners from the Massachusetts official medical examiner’s office in the form of “acute intoxication due to the combined effects of fentanyl and cocaine.”

The professional hockey player’s wife told the Boston Globe at the time that she was really shocked by the announcement.

“I was certain the cause was not with drugs. I was convinced the cause was heart attacks, or any other thing that wasn’t related to drugswere involved],” she shared at the time. “It did not make sense, which made it difficult. … It was a bit confusing. was hoping to find some clarity and was shocked to learn that it was. There was no sign of struggle within the home.”

Kristen she got married to Jimmy in January 2019 at Cape Cod, subsequently wrote on Instagram Stories, that she had been “shocked and heartened” by the announcement.

“I choose to remember my husband and the boys’ father by the enormous love and joy he brought us and so many others,” she wrote in her October 2021 social media post. “This fight isn’t what defines his character, and I’ll always remind my kids every day to be like Jimmy. Jimmy was a blessing to so many people when he was alive by being so generous and open heartily, and I’m hoping his story will continue to be a positive influence particularly for those who is struggling with addiction. I truly appreciate all the help that has been extended to our family in this challenging time.”

They welcomed Beau as well as Mac in May 2021 and August 2019 respectively. They have expressed their concern about the loss of the father they had, Kristen told her Instagram followers in September 2021.

“Beau said, ‘I want daddy back,’ as I put him to bed tonight,” she wrote at the moment. “All I could think of was the identical Beau. I miss you more than you’ll know.”

The same month, Kristen said that she was working hard to “pull it together” for her sons, describing them as”the “only reason” that she is able to get out of bed.

Follow the link to see their family album from their first pregnancy to their baby’s arrivals.

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Via US Magazine

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