Jimmy Fallon is not Having Marriage Problems

Famous actor Jimmy Fallon has been happily married to Nancy Juvonen for years, but now reports claimed that the two might be having some problems in their marriage. So, it has recently been said that the marriage between Jimmy and Nancy is on the rocks, issues being mostly caused by Jimmy’s alleged drinking problems. 

The news was first reported by OK! Magazine, which claimed that Jimmy and his wife of eight years were no longer getting along. According to the report, Nancy and Jimmy got into a big fight after the actor was hospitalized for his “serious” hand injury. Well, it has now been claimed that Jimmy got this injury after “a boozy night of partying with fans.”

Nancy was really furious with her husband and was extremely upset with his drinking issues. According to the report, Jimmy’s wife considered that this drinking issue actually had a bad impact on the couple’s two daughters. 

“He has a family to look after now,” a source claimed. Moreover, the insider said that Jimmy’s issues are so serious that Nancy believes that the star cannot even take care of himself. Well, as always, the report was dismissed by Gossip Cop. The website claimed to have talked to Jimmy’s rep, who said that the report was completely untrue. According to the site, the couple’s marriage was going perfectly well. The rep also said that the sources who talked to OK! were not credible. 

So, it seems that Jimmy and Nancy’s marriage is not on the rocks after all and the pair still is happily married. Well, this does not mean that Jimmy did not get a hand injury. In fact, the reports about his injury were completely true. Jimmy himself opened up about this injury during his popular The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon show. The star said that he got the injury while catching his ring on a desk countertop. 

Jimmy also claimed that he underwent a six-hour surgery and almost got his finger amputed. Luckily, things turned out all right for him after all. “Apparently, the odds aren’t great and usually they just cut your finger off,” the star said. “I won’t get feeling back for eight weeks,” he concluded.

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