Jim Carrey Responds To Jenny McCarthy’s Comments About Son

Following the declarations made during Howard Stern’s show, Jim Carrey released a statement in response to Jenny McCarthy’s comments about son. The actor stated that he loves Jenny’s autistic son, Evan, very much, but thinks it is better if he stays out of his life, says Us Weekly.

Jenny McCarthy has triggered various reactions when she told Howard Stern that her former partner, Jim Carrey is ignoring her autistic son, Evan. The 10-year-old boy has grown much attached to the actor and is constantly asking his mom about him. McCarthy claims Carrey has turned his back on her son; he is ignoring all the “channels” and indirect messages that the model is sending to him in order to make him pay a visit to Evan.

Soon after Jenny’s declarations appeared in the press, Carrey responded saying that he is not ignoring Evan. The 50-year-old actor confessed that he cares a lot about the boy and would never do anything to hurt him. He justified his absence by saying that it is in the boy’s best interest if the two don’t see each other anymore.

Although he successfully managed to refrain himself from criticizing his ex-partner, Jim Carrey indirectly accused the actress of violating Evan’s right for privacy. “It’s unfortunate that Evan’s privacy is not being considered,” the actor added before reasserting that he will always miss and love the boy.

Sources close to the comedian have confirmed that Jim has always been careful with the boy. According to them, the actor never knew that the boy misses him because McCarthy never reached out directly to him. Despite all the love for Evan, it will be very painful for Carrey to continue to be involved with his ex’s child, was the insider’s conclusion.

Jim and Jenny have been romantically involved for more than five years. They decided to part ways in 2010 and didn’t seem a bit affected by the separation. Carrey tweeted back then saying that he is grateful for all the blessings that the two shared and wished the actress all the best. Jenny, too, thinks it was a good decision, but she, nevertheless, continues to admire the actor.


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  1. I did not see all of today’s show but I THINK Jenny was talking about putting her son Evan into a Group Home and, as the father of a multiply handicapped son I recall the anxiety my wife and I felt when we did the same thing.

    David had just turned 21 when we did it and was aware of our “abandoning’ him. It turned out to be the best move we could ever have given him. I still see him on the weekend…

    I take him, mostly, to the movies and then we go walking around the mall and then, at 4 P.M., we go to Mass before I have him picked up to go back home again.

    I sincerely hope Evan and Jenny end up with this same relationship. I know he is blessed to have such a loving mother.

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