Jim Carrey Looking for “Dirt” about Cathriona White’s Family

Jim Carrey is currently involved in a lawsuit with the family of his late ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White. Actually, two separate lawsuits were filed by Cathriona’s husband and by her mother against the famous actor. Now, it seems that Jim Carrey is searching for ways to have their claims dismissed. 

At least this is what Cathriona White’s family seems to believe. A lawyer representing the family said that two detectives have contacted the late make-up artist’s friends, searching for information about her family. The detectives are said to be looking for information and bad things about the family that could make them drop their case against Jim Carrey. 

“Within the last 48 hours, two private investigators working for Carrey have been doing everything they can to come up with information for Carrey to use,” one of the family’s lawyers said in a statement. He went on to add that the investigators have asked several of Cathriona’s friends things that aimed to make them say bad things about the family. This is said to have been an attempt to intimidate them into dropping their claims against Carrey. 

“How dare Carrey and his Hollywood lawyers try and malign the family and intimidate them,” the lawyer’s statement went on to add. “Sending private investigators out to dig up dirt on a grieving mother is disgusting. These people have no bounds,” it concluded. 

Jim Carrey has previously denied the allegations made by Cathriona’s family with regards to his role in her death. Initially, a lawsuit was filed against the actor by Cathriona’s estranged husband, Mark Burton. He claimed that Carrey knew that he was suffering from STDs and he give Cathriona the disease which finally made her commit suicide. Cathriona’s mother sued next. Her lawsuit is actually quite similar to Burton’s. 

Brigid Sweetman said that her daughter contracted three STDs from Jim Carrey, who had hidden from Cathriona the fact that he was ill. Sweetman also said that Jim Carrey verbally abused her daughter and also supplied her with the illegal drugs that killed her. Of course, Carrey denied the claims and said that Cathriona had a “contentious relationship” with her mother.

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