Jim Carrey Drops Charges against Former Late Girlfriend’s Mother

Famous actor Jim Carrey has been involved in quite a scandal following the death of his former girlfriend, Cathriona White. The famous actor even sued the mother of Cathriona, but it seems that he now decided to drop the claims. Jim Carrey’s decision to drop this lawsuit actually came after a judge stated that the lawsuit could go to trial.

Carrey was seeking $372,000 from Brigid Sweetman, Cathriona’s mother. The whole case is quite complex, as Brigid and her estranged husband Mark Burton, actually accused the famous actor of helping Cathriona’s death by giving her the drugs that she took and which killed her. Carrey wanted the money as a bond in the case, which he claimed that was a “shakedown.” The actor said the money will cover costs linked to the lawsuit, including travel and pretrial money.

When it comes to his decision to drop this money claim, it seems that the whole story is linked to the fact that Brigid claimed that she was lacking financially and was being ill. So, she couldn’t have paid those money anyway. Furthermore, it has been said that Brigid will have a meeting with Carrey, but the two don’t have any intentions to settle now.

The case is set to go to trial, which will start in April. It is yet to see if a settlement will not be reached sooner than that, although everyone seems to claim that this will not be the case. Cathriona White, a makeup artist from Ireland, was found dead in her home in Los Angeles in September 2015. After an autopsy was conducted following her death, it was found that Cathriona, who was 30 years old, died from an overdose of prescription drugs. Her death was ruled a suicide.

However, Brigid claimed that Jim Carrey was to blame because he provided Cathriona with these drugs that ended up killing her. Carrey was also accused of giving his late girlfriend three sexually-transmitted diseases. As imagined, Jim Carrey denied all these claims and said that the legal proceedings filed by Brigid were “predatory” and “malicious.”

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