Jim Carrey Attacks Cathriona White’s Mother in Response to Lawsuit

Jim Carrey decided to share his side of the story when it comes to the lawsuit filed by Cathriona White’s mother against him. Well, the famous actor has not given an interview to talk about the lawsuit, nor he has taken to social media. In fact, the star’s legal team has filed some new papers in court, claiming that he has absolutely no guilt in Cathriona’s decision to commit suicide. 

So, Cathriona’s mother, Brigit Sweetman, recently filed a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of giving his daughter multiple STDs and also giving her the drugs that ended up influencing her into committing suicide. Cathriona killed herself in 2015. Another lawsuit was filed against Jim Carrey by Cathriona’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, on similar claims. 

Without a doubt, Jim Carrey didn’t have any nice words to say about Cathriona’ mom. In the papers filed in court, he actually called her lawsuit a “shakedown” and claimed that it was only “based on categorical lies concocted by Sweetman in collaboration with White’s ‘green card’ husband with whom White never lived as husband and wife, and whom she married only to avoid deportation to Ireland.”

However, this is not all that Carrey had to say. The actor also claimed that Brigit Sweetman also “abandoned” her family and her daughter when she was only a child. He claimed that they were never close and actually she was “long estranged” from her daughter. Carrey also said that Sweetman told him in an email in 2015 that she was “on the point of killing myself” and asked the actor to buy her a house. Of course, Carrey refused to do so and Sweetman became “angry and bitter.” 

The actor also denied the claims that Sweetman made in her trial. He said he never gave Cathriona STDs and he never provided her with prescription drugs. The actor’s legal documents said that the suicide was Cathriona’s decision and was a tragic and devastating event for the actor. 

“The evidence is irrefutable that White sought out and stole Carrey’s prescription medication from his home and intentionally ingested large quantities for the sole purpose of ending her life.” In response to this, Sweetman said that the actor was trying to deceive everyone with his claims.

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