Jessica Simpson Walks Half Naked

Sexy blonde singer and actress Jessica Simpson was seen last week wearing a green oversized sweater, accessorized with an animal print bag and blue platforms and NOTHING ELSE. She was walking the streets of Beverly Hills apparently half naked, because there was nothing seen underneath that sweater.

Fashion critics say that Jessica got a little bit too comfortable in that green turtleneck sweater that she is wearing since 2005 (we don’t know if it’s the same sweater, or the same model). was asking if she is possibly trying to start a new trend, replacing the common jersey dress with the “king size” sweater. Omg! believes the look is poor and has nothing to do with trends or fashion in general and it would have been better suited with a pair of long jeans or shorts that are at least visible. In addition, they say that the heels are too much and the purse likewise.

I am no fashion expert, but I feel like the sweater “screams” for something underneath it. It is too short for a dress and I don’t even think she meant for it as a dress (what was she thinking anyway?). In my opinion, she just wanted to say “I can wear anything and still look good”. I don’t like the combination of those color shades (electric blue and swamp green). The purse might go with the shoes or with the sweater, but not wth both of them at the same time.The overall look appears improvised like when you go to a party and someone spill wine all over your outfit and you cannot go home naked, so you borrow something from the host. This time, the host isn’t very fashionable and all she has is a big sweater.

Jessica Simpson has been criticized before for her mom jeans choice at a concert and for some extra pounds. She explained in a later Oprah appearance that they made her look fatter than she really was. Well, then it’s clear, Jessica has to change her dressing habits. When you have the body of a goddess, why ruin the image with some awful clothing? Especially when you have a fashion brand that sells like hotcakes.

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